Why Choose LT Dance?



NO COMPETITIONS OR EXAMS - LT Dance is based around having fun! We do not train for exams or competitions so there is no pressure attatched to our classes. Along with the benefit of no stress for the children, it also means no competition/exam entry fee bills for parents! 


NO SET UNIFORM - Once you have joined LT Dance, there is no obligation to buy expensive leotards, capri tights etc. As long as the children are dressed appropriately for class (i.e. in an outfit that is safe to dance in), they can wear whatever they choose!


RELAXED ENVIRONMENT - As we don't train for exams or competitions, if you miss a week, it doesn't matter! If your child has a birthday party on the same day as their dance class, don't worry - go to the party! We understand that there are many other things going on besides dancing and don't want our students to miss out on other important events. 


ANNUAL SHOWCASE - All students are invited to take part in our annual show at a local theatre, however this is not compulsory. Our show is still very relaxed, no long rehearsals & absolutely no pressure to be perfect! As long as the children have a good time & get to experience being part of a dance performance, we’re happy!








Phone: 07905 960693


Email: laura@ltdance.net



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